USB device identification in SPSDK#

In SPSDK apps such as blhost and sdphost communicate with NXP devices connected to host PC using USB. Such a devices could be identified by:

  • VID and PID

  • Device Path

  • Device Name


NXP devices use those VIDs:

  • 0x0d28

  • 0x1fc9

  • 0x15a2

Devices in SPSDK could be identified either by VID only or a combination of VID/PID.

VID only could be defined as hex or dec numbers. Hex number must be preceded by 0x or 0X. The number of characters after 0x is 1 - 4. Mixed upper & lower case letters is allowed, e.g. 0xaB12, 0XAB12, 0x1, 0x0001. The decimal number is restricted only to have 1 - 5 digits, e.g. 65535. It’s allowed to set the USB filter ID to the decimal number 99999, however, as the USB VID number is a four-byte hex number (max value is 65535), this will lead to zero results. Leading zeros are not allowed e.g. 0001.

VID/PID cloud be separated by ‘:’ or ‘,’. The same rules apply to the number format as in the VID case, except, that the string consists of two numbers separated by ‘:’ or ‘,’. It’s not allowed to mix hex and dec numbers, e.g. 0xab12:12345. Valid vid/pid strings: 0x12aB:0xabc, 1,99999.


VID, PID detection using nxpdevscan#

USB - Device Path#

Device Path holds the USB ID obtained during USB HID device search and allows to compare, whether the provided USB HID object is the one to be used.


The device path varies between OSes such as Windows, Linux, and Mac.

USB - Device Path - Windows#

Device Path is a string in following format HID\\VID_<HEX>&PID_<HEX>\\<instance_id>. The device path could be located in Device Manager or using nxpdevscan.


Device Path location using Device Manager or nxpdevscan#

USB - Device Path - Linux#

Device Path is defined in following form:


Device Path location using nxpdevscan#


For Applications and APIs to use connected devices under Linux, it is necessary to configure udev rules see USB under Linux.

USB - Device Path - Mac#

Device Path is defined in following form:


Device Path displayed by nxpdevscan#

USB - Device Name#

USB device could be identified in SPSDK by Device Name. Device name could be listed by nxpdevscan.


Device Name detection using nxpdevscan#