User Guide - sdpshost

User Guide - sdpshost#


sdpshost is a prototype application and it is not tested. To be used at the user’s own risk.

This user’s guide describes how to use sdpshost application.

Command line interface#


Utility for communication with ROM on i.MX targets using SDPS protocol (i.MX8/9).

sdpshost [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...


-p, --port <COM[,speed>#

Serial port configuration. Default baud rate is 115200. Use ‘nxpdevscan’ utility to list devices on serial port.


USB device identifier.

Following formats are supported: <vid>, <vid:pid> or <vid,pid>, device/instance path, device name.
<vid>: hex or dec string; e.g. 0x0AB12, 43794.
<vid/pid>: hex or dec string; e.g. 0x0AB12:0x123, 1:3451.
Use ‘nxpdevscan’ utility to list connected device names.
-x, --plugin <identifier=PLUGIN_IDENTIFIER[,param1=value1,param2=value2>#

Plugin interface settings.

Following format of plugin setting is supported:

- <PLUGIN_IDENTIFIER>: Corresponds to the ‘identifier’ attribute of the plugin class
- <key1>=<value1>: Represent a single interface parameter
Optional interface settings:
- Any number of optional <key>=<value> scan settings separated by comma can be defined
- The <key>=<value> pairs are used as keyword parameters for ‘scan’ method of a plugin class
-t, --timeout <ms>#

Sets timeout when waiting on data over a serial line. The default is 5000 milliseconds.

-n, --name <name>#

Name of the device


MX8QXP | MX28 | MX815 | MX865 | MX91 | MX93 | MX95

-v, --verbose#

Print more detailed information

-vv, --debug#

Display more debugging information.


Show the version and exit.


Show this message and exit.


Write boot image data.

FILE - binary file to write
sdpshost write-file [OPTIONS] FILE



Required argument